Your Website is Important. It should be Intuitive, Articulate, and Represent Your Brand Really Well.

eWide Technology Solutions

Building Unique and Effective Websites

We know how hard it can be to find a place to “start.” At eWide Tech we provide user friendly customer service and support to really understand the customer’s needs. Website design can get complicated but we are there to help. Most businesses these days need a website to be able to reach their customers in a quick and seamless fashion. Understanding what needs to go into a website, and also what can be left out is something that you will find we exceed at.


Getting clicks may be all the rage, but what you really want is engagement. Potential customers and clients must be able to easily fill out forms and contact you. We can help direct that person to make those actions.


In order for viewers to stay on your website it must run quickly and efficiently. Nobody likes to wait more than a few seconds for anything to load these days. Don’t lose potential sales or clientele because of this.


Web Design within WordPress has become more powerful and elegant than ever. Using the most up to date features WordPress has to offer, we guarantee that your website will wow customers with a sleek and modern look.

What We Offer

Ewide Technology Solution's website design creates modern and efficient websites.

Timely Results

You need your website as fast as possible and we understand the urgency behind that.

Customized Options

We work with you to mirror your website after your business.

Customer Service

Our Website Designers are customer oriented. We always have you in mind.

Brighten Your Outlook

Let the light shine on your business. More sales equals a healthier business.

Videos and Media

A boring website doesn’t retain attention for long, We can integrate videos and media to keep customers logged on.

Demographic Research

Before we start the process of website design, it is important to reach the right people.

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