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Website design & hosting

Our professional website development services are performed by specialists that have been developing websites since the late ’90’s.

Because of our expertise and tenure in the field, we know how to build a website from scratch, or using a CMS, making sure the website is user and search engine friendly, as well as effective.
Your website will be custom designed to match your business. We work together and get your input all the way through production, and we don’t launch until you are completely satisfied – and, you are ‘awestruck’ with your website!

A well-designed and user friendly website should be effective at engaging your visitors and converting them to leads and sales.

The talented creative team at eWide Technology Solutions can help your online presence go from ‘sort of there’ to ‘rockin the web’. We’ll develop your online presence: from designing your professional website to setting up social media pages, to creating templates for newsletters and presentations and recording your videos. Every bit of it is important!


Website Design

Website design, build and maintenance. Create products. Setup store. Hosting.

Social Media Setup

Develop social media strategy. Create social media pages and execute plan.

Brand Building

Develop marketing plan. Online and email marketing. V/Blogging. Content development. Marketing collateral creation.

Build your own website

Have access to a wide range of templets and widgets to choose from. Easy drag and drop features and custom tools.

Let's build your brand identity and so you can rock the world today!

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