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Customize colors, use templates, create forms, build products for your store, add tons of features, etc. 
It's easy!

Building a website can get overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating. We understand what it takes to create a website that stands out from the rest of the crowd, and the tools needed to have it so the website works in the way it is meant to work. That’s why we compiled our expertise, access to tools and features, and made a website platform for every body to use regardless of your experience in website creation. With a variety of templates, widgets, and business tools and features to chose from, you have everything you need to to build your dream!

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eWide’s website platform is easy to use and comes with a variety of templets, widgets, and tools to use. Their customer service is also really great and answered any questions I had while creating my website.

- Kelly B.

Explore Your Options

Multiple Templet Designs

Get a variety of templet designs to choose from. Either keep them as they come, or fully customize each and every part of them.

Drag and Drop Feature

An easy to use function that allows you to drag widgets and other features to your templet. No coding necessary.

Customer Service

We care about your success and want your website to have everything it needs to build your business the recognition it deserves. Our expertise are here to help when you need it.

Mobile Friendly

The use of cell phone will forever be a favorite way for people to shop and find out information. Our mobile friendly feature allows your website to look professional both on the computer and the cell phone.

Multiple Widgets

Need a fill out form? Do you have videos and photos you would like on your website? You get a variety of widgets to choose from that will guide you in creating anything you need for your website.

Social Media Sharing

Get in touch with more customers across the world. Our social media feature allows you to share your website on multiple social media platforms.

Full Hosting Included

A website can’t be shared with the world without a hosting company. We are your one stop for both website creation and full hosting services.

Business Tools

What sets us apart from all the other website creation companies is that we offer multiple business tools to track your customers, profit, and website function so you can be successful in more than website creation.
Get The Tools

Unlimited Options

For Unlimited Success

  • Choose from a variety of low membership options

  • Get professional business tools that come with your website

  • Have access to multiple templets that come with extended features

  • Affordable extended services

  • Hands on customer service support

  • Need more? Contact us!

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eWide was a real team player as we worked together to develop my website. The end result was amazingly beautiful, user friendly, and powerful!

- George R.

Start Today

You have a concept business and a dream to pursue. But, you have no website or administrative support to help this dream of your turn into a reality. We get it and we want to help! Our website creation platform gives you EVERYTHING you could need to start, create, and run a successful business. Not only do you get access to expert designed website templets, but you get a virtual office to organize your customers, ideas, and financial success. We also offer automated newsletters and emails for effective email marketing, and a CRM system that keeps the backend of your business organized and functioning properly. Choose from 4 different affordable membership options that go from basic necessities to unlimited and expert design services.

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What if I want to add a feature that doesn't come with my membership?

No problem! Just give us a call and we can add it as an option for you to use on your website.

(774) 241 – 3424

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes! You can upgrade your membership any time you need to. Just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get you upgraded in no time.

(774) 241 – 3424

What type of business tools do I have access to?

All membership options come with a variety of business tools such as:

  • SEO tool

  • language options

  • disability sensitive options

  • access to our expert marketing courses

  • E-commerce checkout

  • business stats tool to view your profit and growth

  • business email thats different from Gmail, Yahoo, and the like

  • your website is featured as advertisement on our main business page

  • CRM system

What do I get with the additional membership fee?

The additional fee you see at the bottom of each membership option is a one time fee that enables you to have eWide customize a templet for you. We use your colors, place logos and images, and can adjust margins, and other theme related features on your website. We have found that this additional service allows the customer to skip over setting up their templet to match their ideal theme and able to get right to filling in their business information in each widget.

What if I don't know how to create a website?

No problem! We can do it all for you. Give us a call today to speak with one of our website design experts on the phone for free.

(774) 241 – 3424