Offsite Backup Service

Backup Services On-Demand

What happens if your data and other important documents accidentally get deleted or lost? How will you access that data when needed? Protect and recover your Microsoft 365 and G-Suite data with our backup services.

Backup Your Data Today

Backup Services for Microsoft 365

  • Protect your emails, contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks
  • Protection for SharePoint Online for your sites, site collections, documents, and document libraries
  • Protection for your OneDrive files and folders
  • Protection for your groups and teams

Backup Services for G-Suite

  • Protection for your emails, calendars, contacts, documents, tasks, and chats
  • Protect Google Team Drive files and folders

Sold in 10 seat pack – Enterprise or Standard Edition

* Packs include storage; Additional storage sold in 100 GB packs

Enterprise Edition

  • Protection for all seats

  • 50 GB storage/seat* for OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.

Standard Edition

  • Select only the seats you want to protect

  • 10 GB total storage per pack*

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Data Protection Features


Never worry about losing your data ever again. Protect data that has been changed, Backup the data from Microsoft 365 and G Suite. Get end to end automations or on-demand backups.


Easily recover your data from Microsoft 365 or G Suite by searching keyword or date. Restore individual items, folders, or an entire mailbox. Restore to the original account or create a downloadable zip file to keep on your desktop.


Unlimited history from Microsoft 365 and G Suite. Simple point and click restoration.

Close Retention Policy Gaps

Close the gap between Microsoft 365 (90 days) and G Suite (30 days) retention and corporate/legal/regulatory policy (longer).

Save Costs

Pay-as-you-go licensing for ICAB for Microsoft 365 and ICAB for G Suite products. No additional 3rd-party licenses/add-ons needed.

24/7 Access

Recover your data even when Microsoft 365 or G Suite is temporarily down.


Secured with AES-256 encryption.

Data Sovereignty Options

SaaS backup data resides in your choice of: US, Canada, EU/Ireland, or Australia.

Non-Desructive Restore

Non-destructive restorations of your Microsoft 365 and G Suite data from anywhere, and at any point-in-time — granular level, or across users. Will not overwrite existing SaaS backup data.

Long Term Retention

Unlimited retention of your daily Microsoft 365 and G Suite application archives. Be prepared for discovery and litigation requests.

Intelligent Workforce Management

Simplified employee on-boarding and off-boarding with bulk activation and automated addition/deletion of users. Restore to original account, or to an alternate, with the migration service.

Zero Adoption Effort

Cloud-based deployment, ideal for diverse set of Microsoft 365 and G Suite work environments. Simple single-pane-of-glass management. Daily reports available for overview and extensive details of your SaaS backup activity.

How It Works


Enable dashboard.


Connect to Microsoft 365 and G Suite.


Forget about it. Monitor your backups as you wish.