Walk-in Scanning Center - Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Open Monday – Friday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Appointments preferred
Text or Call

511 Main Street
Across the street from Cumberland Farms.
Parking is behind the building.
Please use front door.

Rather mail your scanning project?
No problem.

Small pkgs: PO Box 73, Fiskdale, MA 01518
Larger: 511 Main St., Fiskdale, MA 01518

Bulk Scanning or Single Documents

We can scan your:

  • Receipts

  • Invoices

  • Documents up to 11 x 17

  • Manuals

  • Books

  • Photos

  • Small maps

Available Services:

  • Batch Scanning

  • Single / Multiple Document Scanning

  • Output of your scanned images to any format you need: PDF, Searchable PDF, TIFF, JPG, specific EDM system, etc.

  • Indexing service

  • Document re-formatting

  • Burn to DVD or Upload to cloud

  • Document Management System

Scanning Services Price List for Walk-in Customers

Call for volume pricing or projects not listed below.

----------------- For books, magazines, drawings, microfilm & microfiche, maps and large scanning projects please call for quote.

Use these links to pay for services (prepay or at point-of-sale from kiosk).  Links go to our store on our training site.


Book Scanning

What is Indexing?

Indexing is using the value from a data field or portion of content that identifies that particular image or document and can be used to search for the document or image.

Example: An invoice has a vendor name, an invoice date, an invoice number and a paid date, among others, but for the sake of this example, we’ll use these four. The invoice has the following data: vendor name: XYZ Company, invoice date: 01-31-19, invoice number: 3456789, paid date: 2-20-19

We scan all the pages associated with each invoice and then create one PDF and name it:   XYZ COMPANY – 01-31-19 – #3456789 – PD 02-20-19.pdf.

Indexing the document with the index values provides a better search function when looking for your files, than a sequential number.

Is the price listed for each?

The price listed above next to each item is priced per each envelope, box and book.

What is the difference between 'Images Only' and 'Images & Indexing'?

Images Only

Your documents and pictures will be scanned and an image for each page, front and back, will be created. Each image will have a file name that is numbered sequentially. In the case where there are several documents within your package, the images will not be saved individually, but rather within a document. That document will be a PDF, unless specifically requested in another format. The PDF file name will be numbered sequentially.

Images & Indexing

Your documents and pictures will be scanned and an image created for each page, front and back. Each image or document will be named by applying the index values that you want used, up to four fields per image or document.

How do I get my scanned files?

We have two options:

  • Your files will be uploaded to a secure cloud based system, a link generated and emailed to you for you to download from your computer
  • We will save your files to the media of your choice: DVD, USB disk, portable drive. Just bring it with you! Or, you can purchase one from us.

Are there any additional fees?

The prices provided above are the prices for each of the packages, regardless of amount of documents or photos in the envelope or box. Choose whether you want images only or images and indexing and only pay the price listed.

Some fees that may occur are for optional services available:

  • Purchases of storage media
  • Page formatting or editing when OCR technology is use
  • Shipping, if original documents are to be returned or sent somewhere
  • Shredding documents
  • Pickup fees, if the project calls for it
  • Unbinding and rebinding spiral bound books (if requested)
  • Scanning of other types not listed in above pricing, like maps, X-rays, etc.
  • Special projects, as requested